Welcome to Harvest Of The Son

Welcome to Harvest Of The Son


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Growing Indoors

When we grow indoors all we are trying to do is duplicate mother nature. Lights represent the the sun. The blue white light (metal halide) or florescent lights represent March April sun and lights are on for 18 hours. They keep the plant short and husky. The orange red light (high pressure sodium) light is like July August light makes the plant produce your fruit flower or vegetable and will make your plants stretch. Lights are on for 12 hours. A fan in your grow room represents the wind and makes the plant exercise. The fan is on 24/7. The grow room temperature should be 78 degrees with a 10 degree temperature drop at night 



Roots are very important. Your roots should be white. Watch your water which should be around 72 degrees. A healthy root system is a healthy plant and a healthy plant is a healthy root system. They should balance each other out. The fine root hairs at the tips absorb nutrients and the shafts absorb water. 



You may have the  best lighting system,

 the best nutrient line, 

but the main ingredient is YOU!!!              

 Take notes and learn by doing and keep it simple             


                       HAPPY GROWING